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The successor to the excellent Beemer R nineT is almost here. The new bike is called the R 12 nineT, and the nomenclature is a nod to the new 1200cc boxer engine that comes with a redesigned intake and exhaust. The R 12 nineT’s release is timed with the 100-year anniversary of BMW Motorrad and the 10-year anniversary of the birth of the R nineT. The R 12 nineT looks very similar to its predecessor, and that’s a good thing. There’s a bold boxer tank with knee cutouts, roadster-style side covers, and a clean line vetween the tank, seat, and rear line. Features include an upside-down telescopic front fork, a paralever setup in the rearm, radially mounted four piston front brake calipers, left-exit exhaust and double muffler, and stainless steel braided brake lines. More details about the bike’s performance, price, and availability to come later this year.

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