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The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is the electric hypercar concept of the future that could, someday, usher in a whole new era of Lambo performance. Seeing as how the all electric hypercars aren’t here yet, there’s no reason not to dream up wild creations that could also fit the bill for the future of Lambo. This is exactly what Fernando Pastre Fertonani, the Director / Director of NOI Design Studio in Brazil, has done with a collection of works on Behance. Fertonani has imagined the world of 2022 as if it was populated with Lamborghini electric supercars of his own striking design. Whether you’re talking about the Pura, Agressivo, Pura BlackBull or SuperVeloce Editions, or the Ápis, each one of his designs is equal parts clean, elegant and extreme. We also can’t help but feel like all of these Lambos would make a great DLC pack for a futuristic racing video game should none of the designers from the Raging Bull decide to modify the concepts for production.


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