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Look at New Zealander Aaron Beck’s extensive video game design and film resume, and his post-apocalyptic flat black testosterone savage of muscle car makes complete sense. It looks like it was driven straight off the set of Mad Max: Fury Road, a film on which Beck worked, and the shoe fits in this case. The Kuda is his own vehicle, and its original 1973 Plymouth Barracuda would’ve been bad enough. But Beck blackened the living hell out of it inside and out, as well as outfitted it with a huge and fully reworked Chrysler big block V8, beefed up suspension and steering, as well as bigger brakes and tires to manage all the power. The dark custom body has removable headlights and hood, LED signals and driving lights, and a hood scoop big enough to double as a wood chipper. The interior is almost as spartan as the exterior but handsome, nonetheless. Deep sport bucket seats, a gorgeously simple three-spoke steering wheel, full roll cage, crisp analog gauges, and a punctuating white floor-mounted Hurst manual shift knob mean this thing is all business. The list goes on. It’s clear Beck spared no expense or craftsmanship on a car that’s equal parts rapier and sledgehammer and one that might not look all that different if it had caught on fire.

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