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The Lexus LC 500 is an unsung hero in the world of luxury coupes. To experience it is to understand the near-perfect combination of stunning design, Gibraltar-like build quality, and a superb naturally-aspirated V8 engine. Now, for its third Inspiration Series release, the 2021 LC 500 in Obsidian is about as Bruce-Waynian as you can get in a Lexus. Clad in all black with the addition of a black-framed spindle grille, big 21″ black chrome wheels, carbon fiber composite roof, and a brand new carbon fiber spoiler with outboard winglets, the special LC 500 is murdered-out beautiful. Step inside, and the black and saddle tan colorway takes the already captivating cabin to new heights. Even the seat belts are tan and pop nicely against the black Alcantara suede upholstery. This version comes standard with the excellent Mark Levinson audio system, a vivid head-up display, and a SmartAccess Card Key that allows you to enter the car without a keyfob. Perhaps most importantly to those of us who love driving, are the first Inspiration Series addition of performance enhancements in the way of a limited-slip rear differential and a performance rod with dampers for the rear suspension, which should aid in ride and handling, departments at which the LC 500 already did more than respectably. There’s no word on the price, but we already know only 100 will be made for the U.S.


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