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If you lament the disappearance of boxy Volvos, have we got the vehicle for you. The Volvo Laplander is so rectangular, it looks like an ammo can on wheels. The little beast began its life as a military vehicle in the ‘50s but was adapted for civilian use in the ‘70s, and this particular 1979 C202 is now up for sale. It might just be the coolest underpowered 4×4 we’ve come across of late. The rather underwhelming 82-horsepower four-cylinder engine won’t launch this moving Swedish lunchbox to land speed records, but the Laplander boasts big BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, sweet rear jump seats that fold up, a removable hardtop, a water-fording snorkel, and a 4-speed manual transmission with a transfer case. There’s even a caged divider between the front cabin and the rear occupants, in case you want to transport unruly kids, hardened criminals, or you know, zombies.

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