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The Italian “Panther” with the American Ford Engine is now considered a rarity. Birthed to compete with the Lamborghini Miura, the Pantera was a mid-engined exotic with a 330-hp V8 and had some of the best lines of its era. De Tomaso went on to build 7,000 of them, and versions in excellent condition are hard to find. This one is a 1972 model that has 70,000 miles and still looks remarkable. There are plenty of upgrades including a metallic 5-speed automatic shift knob and gate, new steering wheel, Alcantara suede, racing seats, and carbon fiber mirror caps. It’s a rare car that still commands a fair amount of money, and this one as a sub $200K asking price to get you in the seat of an Italian icon that will likely turn more heads than a Countach and provide marginally better rearward visibility.

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