• 1965-Jaguar-E-Type-Series-I-Coupe
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  • 1965-Jaguar-E-Type-Series-I-Coupe-10
  • 1965-Jaguar-E-Type-Series-I-Coupe-11

Modern Jaguars are excellent cars (damn the reliability!), but our hearts belong to the original Jag icon, the E-Type. This one is from 1965 and now up for sale. It has been restored to show condition and clad in dark blue over tan. Everything from the glorious paint to the instrumentation and the wooden steering wheel are manufacturer spec, and the price is, therefore, a bargain. Unlike many E-Types that remain garaged/stored, this one is meant to be driven with its 4.2-liter inline-six engine and 4-speed manual transmission. Its elegant curves are what caused Enzo Ferrari, himself, to call it “the most beautiful car ever made.”


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