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Verge Motorcycles TS Ultra Hyperbike

Verge Motorcycles TS Ultra Hyperbike

Verge’s TS has been one-upped by its own creator with the TS Ultra. Torque jumps from 737 lb-ft to an astounding 855 lb-ft. from a 150-kW (201 horsepower) powertrain that sends the TS Ultra to a top speed of 125 mph. Range jumps from 186 miles to an impressive 233 miles on a full charge. The TS Ultra also looks even more aggressive than its predecessor with monoposto (single seat) superbike looks, improved aerodynamics, and matte paint options. It’s an electric motorcycle that should deliver insane levels of performance and efficiency. The price is premium, but buyers can customize the TS Ultra to make it even more special.

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