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TRUFF x Hidden Valley Ranch Hot Sauce

TRUFF x Hidden Valley Ranch Hot Sauce

Hot sauce has gone from a minor condiment to a foodie icon over the last few years with high-profile collaborations, a successful YouTube show, and a proliferation of locally-produced, craft options. It’s not unlike the meteoric rise of craft beer. One condiment that has managed to maintain a sort of cult appreciation is ranch, the beloved salad dressing and Buffalo wing accompaniment. So, it should make sense that TRUFF, one of the leading hot sauce producers, and the OG ranch Hidden Valley should team up on a spicy, creamy ranch sauce.

The TRUFF x Hidden Valley Spicy Truffle Ranch features red chiles, black truffles, and ranch dressing. It’s the perfect accompaniment for Buffalo chicken pizza, hot wings, or really wherever you’d add some ranch.

“Hidden Valley Ranch is always looking to offer new and unexpected ways for our fans to experience the ranch flavor they love,” Deb Crandall, Marketing Director at Hidden Valley Ranch, shared in a press release. “TRUFF is the perfect partner, with their unique, elevated hot sauce that is unlike any other. Together, we knew we could develop a perfectly blended product with extraordinary flavor we know our consumers will love!”

The limited edition release sports a collaborative branding makeover of TRUFF’s iconic bottles and is packaged in the magnum 18 oz size. The exclusive release will be available for $25 starting on August 30 at 11 AM EST.

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