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Sondors MetaBeast X

Sondors MetaBeast X

Sondors adds off-pavement goodness to its popular Metacyle street electric motorcycle. The MetaBeast X is a dual-sport electric moto powered by an 18 kW electric motor mated to a 96V 55 Ah battery. Torque is just over 44 lb-ft, range is 78 miles, and the top speed is 75 mph. For off-road duties, the X gets wire wheels with knobby off-road tires, bolstered chassis construction, an upside-down fork, and a monoshock rear. It also features high-mounted front and rear fenders and digital instrumentation that’s migrated from the Metacycle’s bar-mounted setup to the top bar of the frame. The MetaBeast X should prove to be quick, capable, and fun both on pavement and off.

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