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Rough Crafts Cosmos Charger

Rough Crafts Cosmos Charger

If Darth Vader had a two-wheeler, it would most definitely take the form of the Cosmos Charger. The base bike is a 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Bob despite looking pretty much nothing like one. Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts molded it into something altogether sinister with looks like no other bike we’ve seen. The special client is Cooler Master, the computer hardware company, who commissioned Yeh to build the bike to celebrate Cooler Master’s 30th anniversary. They wanted it to emulate a computer case, of all things, and the resulting black and purple cruiser is just about perfect. It received numerous modifications including forged carbon fiber wraps, CNC aluminum fins, and plenty of LED lighting. The angular execution of the front and rear fairings and fuel tank help unify the chunky look. As far as we know, the bike is not for sale, but it surely will grace the halls of Cooler Master to be envied by all who walk by it.

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