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OX Patagonia Electric Motorcycle

OX Patagonia Electric Motorcycle

Hrmm. An EV motorcycle that looks Apocalypse-ready. We’re not sure that’ll work when the grid goes down, but it certainly looks ready for action. The vintage-styled off-road moto is powered by a 72-volt, 60Ah battery to an 11kW hub motor. The bike itself is built for comfort with a tall ride height, long suspension travel, and a long padded seat. There’s also an LED headlight in a small fairing, skidplates, saddlebags, a glovebox, and a USB charging port. The knobby 19-inch front and 17-inch rear tires should clamber over dirt and gravel without a problem, there’s an Adventure riding mode that prioritizes low-end torque. The 62-mile range should be just enough for your adventures.

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