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Hookie Co. Tardigrade

Hookie Co. Tardigrade

2021’s coolest motorcycle is not for this earth. The Hookie Co. Tardigrade is the first moon concept motorcycle, and it might just be cooler than anything created for our planet. The big two-wheeler was inspired by previous lunar rovers combined with a vision for the future. Its thick black trellis frame, thick single swingarms, lattice wheels, and fat airless tires look the lunar part, and it’s propelled by a 110km battery for speeds up to 9 mph so as not to escape the moon’s weak gravitational pull. In terms of the name, the Tardigrade is the worlds’ toughest animal, despite its microscopic size. The Tardigrade will be displayed from mid-October 2021 at the Petersen Automotive Museum as a part of the ADV:Overland exhibition.

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