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Free Spirit Motorcycles Suzuki GN250 Cubus

Free Spirit Motorcycles Suzuki GN250 Cubus

Who says a tiny moto mod shop can’t do epic things. Such is the case with Slovakia-based Free Spirit Motorcycles. Father and son team led by Slavo Danko isn’t full-time. The business strategist builds custom bikes in his “spare time”. This four-year project uses a basic 4-stroke Suzuki GN250 from decades ago. The “Cubus” actually only uses the original bike’s engine and uses redesigned or hand-crafted parts including aluminum bodywork. Free Spirt used hand-welding for the bike, and other parts are hand-formed or CNC-machined. This silver and black beauty is equal parts minimalist and truly artistic in its execution, and we have to say that the work is impeccable.

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