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Droog Moto Hyperfighter Apagón SC

Droog Moto Hyperfighter Apagón SC

Moto builder and customizer Droog Moto took a Kawasaki sportbike, stripped it down to its skivvies, and built it back up to one ferocious two-wheeler with a whopping 210 horsepower. The Hyperfighter Apagón SC gets a 998cc inline-four engine and then joins it to a supercharger. The result is an urban monster that gets to 60 mph in less than three seconds. Talk about wind in your hair. It also sports Droog’s stealth fighter aesthetic with angular body work, tracker bars, a short upswept subframe, and disc wheel covers. Other treatments include custom “APAGÓN” radiator graphics, and a unique superbike exhaust with a carbon fiber muffler. The asking price is steep, but the thrills and head-turning looks should be immeasurable.

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