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debolex dB25 DB01 Prototype

debolex dB25 DB01 Prototype

You might see the Ducati name on the fuel tank, but this highly specialized land rocket is actually known as the deBolex dB25. The extremely limited British custom motorcycle used the Ducati Monster 1200 as the base bike, but the final result looks nothing like the original. It’s much more of a vintage racer in its execution and utterly stunning in yellow. The Monster 1200 went through a full teardown and rebuild with over 100 new components including a new aluminum rear subframe, carbon fiber panels, laser-cut sheet metal parts, and CNC aluminum components. It also received a full hand-shaped aluminum alloy fairing Power comes from the Monster 1200’s powerful 1,198cc, 147 hp four-valve “Testastretta” desmodromic L-twin engine that made it the quickest when it debuted back in 2013. The prototype was used to create the remaining 24 units, limiting the total production to a mere 25. The dB25 DB01 prototype is listed on the UK’s Collecting Cars right now.

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