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Bob Maddox’s Twin-Jet Motorcycle

Bob Maddox’s Twin-Jet Motorcycle

This Bob Maddox pulsejet-powered twin-jet motorcycle is one of the craziest two-wheelers on earth, and it’s headed to auction. The bike looks like it should have ‘ACME’ emblazoned on it as Wile E. Coyote rockets off a cliff. Two huge, bazooka-like stainless steel pulsejets dominate the gloss red board track-style bike, even with its thin tires, heat shields, low-slung bars, and radically angular fuel tank. Take note that those two pulsejets provide 250 pounds of thrust, enough to leave a stain in the ol’ undergarments. It’s not a motorcycle designed to keep you low on law enforcement radar. Hell, we’re pretty sure it’s not even street-legal, but you can find out if you win the auction.

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