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Aprilia ELECTRICa Project

Aprilia ELECTRICa Project

Italian motorcycle builder Aprilia just dropped the covers off its first electric motorcycle, named the ELECTRICa Project. While it’s not for sale just yet, we know some details about this important motorcycle that’s just a concept for now. The e-moto has been engineered for younger riders with its futuristic twin-spar frame, a centrally-mounted electric motor, special six-arm Phonic wheels, and lightweight forged carbon fiber body. It also gets a specially-tuned mono-shock and an inverted fork to make it perform like a sport bike. There’s no news about its production, but we like what we see so far. An Aprilia electric motorcycle is certainly in the works, and the ELECTRICa Project is evidence of that.

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