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Despite the fact that the type of content Playboy originally released is now available in far greater detail, at higher resolution, from multiple angles, and even in VR–for free, no less!–the bunny brand remains a cultural touchstone to this day. Playboy is once again taking to the skies with a brand new, re-imagined, and re-designed version of the Big Bunny Jet from the 1970s that is modern in every sense of the word. The original was known as the “Mansion in the Sky” and played host to everyone from Cher and Sinatra, to Elvis and LeRoy Neiman, but this modern iteration is a more global creative vehicle and aimed to focus on artists, influencers, thought leaders, and icons that “represent free expression, style, pleasure, comfort, and sophistication” in the modern world. Playboy is most definitely due for a re-branding for the modern age, and we’re all more than willing to help…especially if it involves meetings and discussions on a private plane.

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