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You Can Stay in a Luxury Igloo at the North Pole

You Can Stay in a Luxury Igloo at the North Pole

Over the years, we’ve covered quite a few interesting and off-the-grid rentals that really allow you to disconnect from the world and get in touch with your more adventurous self. While those experiences are all great, most of them barely compare to taking a trip to visit Santa’s workshop at the Northernmost Hotel of the World–North Pole Igloos. For only the month of April–this is the North Pole we’re talking about, so travel and location safety is of utmost importance–North Pole Igloos Hotel sets up 10 heated, luxury (they have a private toilet!) igloos with glass walls and a glass ceiling that allow you to experience nature in a way few people ever have. You’re not traveling all the way to the North Pole just to stay in bed all day, so the accommodations also include extreme treks across the surrounding ice with your arctic wilderness guide. The company also provides a camp manager, chef services and security to protect you from starvation and polar bears.

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