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You Can Apply to Stay in Hunter S. Thompson’s Writing Cabin

You Can Apply to Stay in Hunter S. Thompson’s Writing Cabin
If we’re being completely honest, everything Hunter S. Thompson wrote is worth reading. The man, the myth and the legend lives on in film, books and popular culture to this day despite the fact he died almost fifteen years ago. We’ve always wanted to follow in his footsteps in one way or another, and now we might actually get that chance because his writing cabin on the Owl Farm compound is available for rent… kind of. Thompson’s widow Anita still lives on the property and rents out the cabin for three night stays to raise money for the Hunter S. Thompson scholarship for veterans at Columbia. If you want to book a stay, you have to apply for the opportunity by sending an email to with a one paragraph application that explains why you would like to stay at the writer’s cabin. If you’re approved, you’ll get three nights in the remarkably well maintained cabin with two bedrooms, TVs, views of Owl Farm Canyon and the adjacent peacock pen and, most importantly, Hunter’s typewriter with Owl Farm Stationary so you can work on some pieces of your own.
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