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GONZO Hunter S. Thompson Sunglasses

GONZO Hunter S. Thompson Sunglasses

You may not be able to pull off Hunter S. Thompson’s writing abilities or drug-fueled road trips experiences, but you can get his sunglasses for your own rendition of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Jacques Marie Mage is bringing back the retro-styled Duke (350 units) and Peyote (500 units) sunglasses as an homage to Thompson by way of his own organization, The Gonzo Foundation. The shades’ high price isn’t totally unjustified since they’re crafted in ultralight and super-strong beta titanium. The lenses are made from CR39, which provide great clarity, shatter-resistance, and take on tinted dye far better than polycarbonate. The Duke uses amber lenses, while the Peyote has green ones. The Duke sports the same bullet-hole element in the center with the shooter-style bridge bar at the top, while the Peyote has tortoiseshell trim and goes without the bullethole. Both come in a specially decorated box using art from Ralph Steadman who was responsible for the hallucinatory illustrations in Thompson’s books and articles. For $850, these are not the kind of sunglasses you should accidentally sit on, so maybe not wear them when you’re trippin’.

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