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The Glass Onion Greek Island Compound Has Been Listed for $450 Million

The <em>Glass Onion</em> Greek Island Compound Has Been Listed for $450 Million

If you’ve seen the recent hit murder mystery motion picture Glass Onion, you should instantly recognize the recently posted listing on Zillow advertising a private Greek island compound. Priced at $450 million, this extravagant “commune” is none other than the paradise retreat of fictional character Miles Bron (played by Edward Norton). It becomes clear pretty quickly, however, that this is indeed a fake listing used as clever marketing by Netflix. The movie’s setting was actually filmed at the very real Amanzoe Resort’s Villa 20, near Porto Heli in Greece. Still, the Zillow listing lets fans take a deep dive into the beautiful and surreal compound. Within the fake listing you’ll discover the 7 private studio villas, the priceless works of art on display, the “bespoke hourly timekeeper,” and the “green energy power,” a key detail in the movie’s plot.