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State Bicycle Co. x Corona Klunker

State Bicycle Co. x Corona Klunker

There are many ways to enjoy the simple life and two of the top contenders are a cold beer and a nice bike ride. Some genius at State Bicycle Co. must have realized this and created what we think is the perfect marriage between two brands. Meet the Klunker, a bike that’s built for the way you live and made in collaboration with Corona. As the website describes it, the Klunker is “a beautiful, retro-inspired, mash-up of: part beach cruiser, part mountain bike, and part BMX. Basically the ultimate in ‘DGAF’ bikes.” I mean, look at that price tag. $420.69. Nice.

So if a brewski on the beach or a couple sips at the grill are in your future, this bike may be the secret weapon to soaking up the last few rays of summer.

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