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Rolls-Royce Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

Rolls-Royce Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

As beautiful as the majestic Rolls-Royce Wraith ultra-luxury coupe is, its this heavily modified shooting brake (Eurospeak for 2-door wagon) derivative that gets our automotive pulses racing. The “base” Wraith received a transmogrification of the best kind at the hands of Dutch shop Niels Van Roij Design. The front end of the Wraith remains the same, but everything changes aft of the front pillars. The changes include a full carbon-fiber composite roof, longer side glass with thick silver trim, and a hefty vintage limo-inspired bustle-back liftgate that gives the Silver Spectre awesome rear presence. With regal seating for four, the shooting brake benefits from a large leather-lined and padded cargo section that’s aimed more at fine picnicking, polo matches, or equestrian outings than it is Home Depot runs. Power comes from a pumped-up 6.6-liter V12 that churns out 700 horsepower, 76 more than the standard Wraith, so expect the beast to be properly quick. Only seven of them will be built at what’s likely to be an astronomical price (more astronomical, that is). Each one will get a unique paint color (single or two-tone) and options for silk or leather upholstery will also be on the table, as well as a special interior treatment unique to each Silver Spectre.

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