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Revolights Eclipse+ Bike Smartlights

Revolights Eclipse+ Bike Smartlights

Last time we checked in with Revolights, they had a pretty impressive bike light system that effectively turned your wheels into a headlight, brake light and Tron prop. Revolights Eclipse+ takes everything that was excellent about the original (namely the whole “turning your wheels into lights” thing) and makes it even better with the addition of Bluetooth connectivity and some new tech. Installation is easier than ever because all of the cables have been eliminated with the new snap-in, rechargeable battery. With the addition of Bluetooth and the Revolights app, you get a whole new world of features like: turn signals, ride tracking, remote control, weather alerts, achievement tracking, battery status and a time of day sensor. Your bike can sense when you’re about to ride. It can tell you when to bring a jacket. You can even indicate which direction you’re going if you have a supported smart watch. Eclipse+ is the next generation of bike lights.

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