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Porsche x Daniel Arsham Nebula 928

Porsche x Daniel Arsham Nebula 928

Artist Daniel Arsham has worked with Porsche on some dramatic collaborations, but the Nebula 928 1 takes the cake with its arresting purple exterior and interior. Arsham also worked with famed vehicle designer Khyzyl Saleem on Porsche’s iconic 1978 928. The car gets modifications such as new front and rear bumpers, new headlights and driving lights, new side mirrors and spoiler, bold white wheels, and some seriously interesting blob-like taillights. The Nebula name is illuminated across the back end with no amount of subtlety. The interior, shockingly, is more purple than the exterior. Leather, synthetic ultrasuede, and a specially woven seat fabric are slathered in Prince’s signature hue. The cabin also gets a custom steering wheel, center stack and console, as well as unique speaker grilles that match the taillights. Arsham’s Nebula 928 is just a concept and not currently for sale, unfortunately. It’s a truly special style statement that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

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