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Lumos Ultra Bike Helmets

Lumos Ultra Bike Helmets

If you spend any amount of time riding your bicycle around the city, there are probably more than a few things your fed up with. Drivers don’t respond to your hand signals. Lights have to constantly be re-charged or they get stolen. Even with lights, you’re not as visible as you want to be. That’s where the revolutionary Lumos Ultra Bike Helmet comes in. With integrated LED lighting, turn signals and smart features, this is one of the best bike helmets out there. Three LED light modules give you full 360-degree coverage. Built-in turn signals can be activated while riding with the included remote or an Apple watch. The helmet is also sealed and water-resistant–along with including a visor–so you’ll stay dry during all your rides. With up to 10 hours of battery life, the Lumos Ultra will keep you protected all day, every day. They’ve raised over a million dollars in funding already–with more than a month left for the goal–so there’s no doubt the Lumos Ultra Bike Helmets will hit their goal. Get in on the ground floor before the prices go up.

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