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Lincoln Special Edition Continental with Suicide Doors

Lincoln Special Edition Continental with Suicide Doors

Don’t tell Lincoln Motor Company their Continental luxury sedan isn’t selling because they just unveiled one that’s for the ages. It blends the current modern design and rear-hinged “suicide doors” (so named from horse-drawn carriages whose doors could accidentally swing open, thereby making it easier for passengers to fall out) from their 1960s Continental. The coach-built Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition uses a top trim Continental Black Label as its base car and then stretches is and bumps up the luxury. The rear doors can swing out 90 degrees from the vehicle, providing a huge aperture for you to exit to your adoring fans. The luxuriating rear seats are separated by a control console where you can control audio, climate, and a table and tablet from which to conduct all manner of business. Only 80 will be made in 2019 at price just north of $100,000. Your American limo is here.

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