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Joey Ruiter Reboot Buggy

Joey Ruiter Reboot Buggy

Industrial designer, artist and all-around madman Joey Ruiter has been reimagining modern vehicles for as long as we can remember. From his Tinnie 10 Vessel that’s a whole new take on the boat, to the Snowmobile that reminds of Star Wars, his creations are unlike anything else on the market. Before both of those were created, Ruiter set about rethinking the car by building one of his own from the ground up. The end result is the Reboot Buggy you see here, a boxy, fire-spitting automobile that focuses on the essentials of what it means to be automobile without the fluff, marketing and absurd amounts of plastic you find on new automobiles. With the 470hp small block Chevy engine, King Coil shocks and Yokohama Geo-lander tires, it’s powerful and durable enough to tackle everything from the dunes to the daily commute, and yes, it’s street legal. Even better, this is one Joey Ruiter creation you can actually own because the Reboot Buggy is currently for sale for just under $108k through The Arsenale.

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