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ICON Old School Broncos

ICON Old School Broncos

If you’re an avid Cool Material reader, you know we’re fans of just about every vehicle that rolls out of the ICON shop. From vintage Wagoneers to VW buses, we’ve shared many of their jaw-dropping builds with you. So it should mean something when we say that the latest work from Jonathan Ward’s company is the finest yet. ICON’s Old School series, which is all about keeping retro vibes going, now has Bronco—and it’s stunning. Unlike the standard BR series from ICON, the Old School Bronco is decidedly, well, old school, with stock pieces or new pieces made to look stock throughout and an overall original look. Even the ICON name is written in script. Under the hood you’ll find a 5.0-liter V8 pulled from a Mustang GT. Yeah, we want one too.

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