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Dodge Viper “Defender” Prop Car

Dodge Viper “Defender” Prop Car

You might not be old enough to remember the NBC “Viper” TV series from the 1990s, but just know that the unique Dodge Viper-based “Defender” was the star of the show. The car looks futuristic even by today’s standards, and one of the 14 prop cars just sold at auction for a hefty sum. Based on a stretched 1993 Viper RT/10 chassis, the Defender is clad in silver with big vents and a twin-bubble roof that leads to a fastback and a low, flat spoiler. The gray leather interior is paired with multiple infotainment screens. Under the hood is a small block V8 rather than the big V10 from the production Viper. The car isn’t street legal, but it’s still a remarkable automotive TV icon that will look pretty freakin’ awesome the winning bidder’s driveway, as long as people don’t see it just from the front end where it looks like kinda like Lightning McQueen from Cars.

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