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BMW R5 Hommage Motorcycle

BMW R5 Hommage Motorcycle
The original BMW R5 motorcycle might have been released the better part of a century ago, but now the iconic bike is back for its 80th anniversary with this BMW R5 Hommage Motorcycle concept. Recently on display at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2016 in Italy, the R5 Hommage perfectly blends the iconic features and styling of the original with modern twists. Designed and built by BMW Motorrad with help from Ronna and Benna Norén of Unique Custom Cycles, the R5 Hommage features an original 500cc R5 boxer engine and a collection of handcrafted parts ranging from valve covers and frame to engine breastplate and rear fender. The end result is a ride that shares DNA with the original BMW R5 while being something completely new and unique.
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