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bandit9 EVE 2020

bandit9 EVE 2020

The bandit9 moto shop like’s a challenge, especially when it’s in line with their dark and futuristic designs. The Hong Kong luxury brand Lane Crawford asked bandit9 to give their iconic EVE motorcycle the once over, and the result is the EVE 2020. More than just an exercise in two-wheeled luxury, the EVE 2020 also delivers anger and artistry to the mix. It gets the full black treatment and a long body and fuselage as a single unit that makes it look like an art-deco rocket ship or a Los Angeles-class submarine that hovers above the surface instead of beneath it. Custom parts include the cowl, front fork, foot pegs, and gauges, just to name a few. Shifting comes via a semi-automatic transmission with no need for a traditional clutch, so you can focus on looking slick as you ride by wearing your Daft Punk helmet. Only 9 will be made at an almost shockingly affordable price of under $12K.

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