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Where to Shop for Weed Accessories Online

Where to Shop for Weed Accessories Online

With the widespread legalization of recreational marijuana, you’ve likely seen a plethora of cannabis-adjacent products pop up on social media and maybe even in your own neighborhood. In years past, cannabis culture was relegated to cheap bongs and oversized hoodies. Now, scroll through Instagram and you’ll find plenty of pricey and high-quality cannabis accessories. Pipes that double as interior decor. Futuristic vaporizers. High fashion weed garments. Hell, even Seth Rogen has his own weed accessories brand.

In this wild world of weed, it might seem daunting to try to narrow down your selection. But we’re here to help. From the seasoned stoner to the cannabis newbie, these are the best places to shop for weed accessories online.


Another Room

A small Canadian-based brand, Another Room takes a colorful, creative approach to cannabis goods. In addition to individual products, Another Room has collaborated on a number of weed-adjacent projects like their guide to burger joints in various cities and their Arts & Crafts guides. We’d seriously recommend checking out the 3D-printed jointlockers and the hamburger grinder. Buy



Looking for a bong that’ll double as an art piece? Summerland has you covered. At Summerland, you’ll find a beautiful collection of ceramic bongs and pipes that you’ll be proud to display. Plus, you can stock up on plenty of various homegoods, prints, and ephemera to add some style to your stoner pad. Our first choice would definitely be the Pleasure Point bong (sadly the terra cotta is currently sold out but other varieties are available for pre-order) but it’s hard to go wrong with any of Summerland’s “stonerware.” Buy


Laundry Day

Like the aforementioned Summerland, Laundry Day takes a design-minded approach to weed accessories. Inspired by vintage design, Laundry Day imbues all of its products with an air of colorful nostalgia. The Hard Edge Lighter makes for a beautiful addition to any home. And it doesn’t scream “I smoke weed.” But, Laundry Day’s signature products are their pipes. The stair-case Tanjun, circular Hudson, and magical Charlotte are all unique creations that leave a lasting impression. Buy



High-minded cannabis accessories collide with Hollywood. Seth Rogen announced he would be launching his own weed brand and the internet went wild. Houseplant releases a collection of vintage-inspired smoking goods, some of which are handcrafted by Rogen himself. All of Houseplant’s products ooze cool and, understandably, nothing manages to stay in stock for very long. At the time of writing, you can still snag an all-in-one carry case as well as weed accessories like the pebble match strike. If you’re looking to snag something from Houseplant, we recommend signing up for their email list. Buy



While many of Etsy’s cannabis accessories are…low-brow at best, Etsy is a fantastic destination for vintage finds. Scroll through the collections of vintage ashtrays, pipes, and matchbooks for some serious treasure troves. Amazing items like this cowboy hat ashtray are sure to move fast. So stock up on some charming vintage smokeware. Buy



While you can purchase directly from most of the best cannabis accessory brands, Amazon stocks plenty of solid goods. If you’re in the market for an entry-level grinder or some simple rolling papers, you’ll find it on Amazon. Plus, you can shop some solid weed brands like Veil’s smoke odor eliminator or Herb Guard’s classic stash jar. The selection certainly isn’t as curated as some of the other spots but you’ll find plenty of reliable cannabis goods. Buy



For those looking to take a step up to your smokeware, Vessel is the place for you. The Vessel Eclipse pack is the perfect all-in-one on-the-go smoking EDC kit. And we love their unique Compass Series of cannabis vaporizers. Vessel’s quality is top-notch and their products are built to last. And if you prefer to smoke CBD, Vessel’s products work perfectly with CBD cartridges. Buy


Sackville and Co.

Sackville and Co. stocks a variety of thoughtfully-designed and stylish cannabis products. There’s a luxurious, indulgent approach in their gear. No need to hide your grinder, the Sackville Signature Grinder doubles as decoration. Need to bring your joint on the go? Say no more. From apparel to papers to curated kits, Sackville and Co. has everything the modern smoker could desire. Buy


Old Pal Provisions

In addition to producing their own high-quality herb, Old Pal has its own line of apparel, cannabis accessories, and homegoods for the design-conscious smoker. Their sun-soaked aesthetic is perfect for the California coast and is sure to add a bright touch to any living space. We’ve got our eyes on the Old Pal rolling tray and the classic Igloo cooler. Buy


Session Goods

For truly next-level weed accessories, look no further than Session Goods. The cannabis brand creates eye-catching weed gear that is both understated and packs a punch. The discrete one-hitter and portable pipe are great but the modern, sleek water bong steals the show. Customize it with a colorful array of silicone bases for a unique, show-stopping smokeable. Buy


Stoned Fox

Stoned Fox is a multi-disciplinary cannabis brand at the intersection of music, fashion, and weed. Stoned Fox produces its own cannabis content but you can also shop a curated selection of weed accessories. Order yourself some soothing CBD gummies or stock up on glamorous lighters. Stoned Fox caters to all aspects of cannabis culture from the high-energy, creative minds to those in need of a quiet night in. Buy


Tetra Shop

Looking for a beautiful gift for the smoker in your life? Tetra is your shop. Here you’ll find an eclectic collection of out-of-this-world pipes, ashtrays, and lighters. Tetra produces their own goods, but also stocks a handful of great finds from unique artists and designers. The Polytope Ashtray and Patina Matchbook Case will add a healthy dose of nostalgia to your living space. Or, if you’re looking to start small, check out Tetra’s own portal lighter, elbow pipe, or incense burner. Buy


Studio A-Ok

While many of the brands included in this article do produce garments, Studio A-Ok is a genuine apparel brand. Inspired by cannabis culture, all of Studio A-Ok’s clothing is designed with the smoker in mind. And their products are all stellar. The bigfoot tee and flowers hat are personal favorites. You’ll also find a collection of fantastic rolling papers, vintage cannabis patches, marijuana books, and more. Buy


Pure Beauty

Like Old Pal above, Pure Beauty sells some top-notch flower. But, if you’re looking for equally tasty merch and homegoods, the Pure Beauty Drugstore is your destination. You’ll find trippy sculptures, a curated selection of vinyl records, rolling paper, and apparel. Rock the Pure Beauty merch and rep your favorite cannabis brand around. Buy


Leafly is a one-stop shop when it comes to the world of cannabis. Whether you need detailed information on different strains or you’re trying to find the nearest dispensary, Leafly offers indispensable tips and resources. And, they have a digital store. If you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, you can buy marijuana through their online shop. Or, if you just need to acquire some accessories, Leafly has you covered wherever you might be. So, shop for all of your weed essentials like rolling papers, trays, grinders, and more. Whether you’re just starting your cannabis journey or you’re a seasoned pro, Leafly will have what you need. Buy


Yew Yew

For a simplified, minimal approach to cannabis accessories, Yew Yew is your spot. Yew Yew produces several key items for a solid smoking session in beautiful colored glass. Geometric pipes and ashtrays make for stylish homegoods and practical weed gear. Need a playful grinder? Yew Yew has you covered. We’re eyeing the triangle pipe to add to our collection but all of Yew Yew’s accessories put the fun in functional. Buy



When it comes to cannabis vaporizers, there’s no one better than PAX. Renowned in the industry as the vape pros, PAX crafts discrete, minimal, powerful products. The PAX Era is a simple cartridge vaporizer that offers unparalleled control. But, the PAX 2 and 3 truly steal the show by allowing users to vaporize loose leaf cannabis flower. The only downside with PAX is you’ll need to invest in their proprietary pods but when it comes to weed accessories, PAX leads the way. Buy

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