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Vessel Helix, a Stylish Stoner-Approved One-Hitter

Vessel Helix, a Stylish Stoner-Approved One-Hitter

Cannabis accessory brand Vessel has impressed us with stylish and practical smokeware. The Eclipse Kit is a compact minimalist way to tote around everything you need to enjoy some weed. Plus, their high-minded and design-forward vaporizers bring smoking to the 21st century. Vessel’s latest release takes things back to basics. The one-hitter is a stoner staple. The single-use piece of gear allows you to pack a small bowl for an efficient smoking session. Most examples, including Vessel’s Air, are simple. But, Vessel took its trademark aesthetics and crafted one of the most impressive pieces of cannabis gear we’ve seen. Unlike most one-hitters which are a single piece, Helix is made up of four connecting components. Made from non-toxic brass, the Helix’s exterior is stylishly designed with a subtle topographical map. The interior features a unique double helix design which increases the surface area while smoking and creates a cooling airflow for a less harsh smoking experience. Plus, the Helix can be easily disassembled for a thorough cleaning. Vessel has once again designed an impressive cannabis accessory.

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