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Stow Is a Bike Mount for Small Spaces

Stow Is a Bike Mount for Small Spaces

Lignum Bike Company makes no bones about the fact that there are other bike mounts designed for small spaces, but Stow has a leg up on the competition because it blends into your space, won’t pinch your cables or scratch your frame. The cabinet-style mount attaches to your wall and folds up into an elegant shape when not in use. When you need to stow your bike, helmet, tools and other accessories, fold down the front and use the soft connect supports to rest under your top tube and the stylish leather strap to secure it in place. Stow is available in four wood colors (Black No Sugar, Black Walnut, Crème, European Steamed Beech), three hardware options (brass, brushed nickel, copper) and three leather options (black, brown and natural), which means there are over thirty different color combinations to make sure you get the Stow perfect for your home or office—regardless of how big it is.

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