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The Knotix Collapsible Universal Adventure Roof Rack

The Knotix Collapsible Universal Adventure Roof Rack

While most roof racks offer a convenient solution for adding extra storage space to your car, they’re so cumbersome that you’d rather leave them on all the time rather than deal with the hassle of taking them off and then re-attaching. Thankfully Knotix has solved this dilemma with its adventure roof rack.

The Knotix Roof Rack uses both mechanical and magnetic locks to secure itself into place, even with the door open. But, the key element here is that it can fold down to a mere 23″ to be stowed away in the trunk. And installing it is as easy as unfolding, and rolling it over the roof, and clipping into place. The Knotix uses built-in wheels to prevent scratches or scuffs on the roof of your car. Once secured, it can hold up to 330 lbs and stay on any vehicle up to 125 mph.

The easy-to-install Knotix Roof Rack is available to back on Kickstarter for the early bird price of $299, a 40% discount on the proposed $499 MSRP. The Knotix is expected to ship in January 2023.

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