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Nostalgia Electrics Slider Maker

Nostalgia Electrics Slider Maker

The Super Bowl is quickly approaching, which means you need to upgrade your hosting skills. Unfortunately, man cannot live on sausage footballs alone. It also happens to be freezing in half the country so grilling is out of the question. Luckily, Nostalgia Electrics is here to change your game plan for that testosterone filled day of beer and meat with the All League Slider Maker. Calling it a mini-burger maker wasn’t kosher with the marketing department, but don’t be dissuaded becase these aren’t the dreaded sliders from that unnamed fast food chain that catered your last Super Bowl party. It’s a Foreman grill that cooks six mini burgers at the same time and even includes a special spatula for turning 1lb of meat into 24 sliders. Your wife will thank you later.

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