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Drinique Glassware

Drinique Glassware

You have your super-hoppy IPA and your 25 year scotch. Your bottle opener and your glasses. What really separates you from the other gentlemen with the same equipment and libations? Being unique while drinking is a difficult thing to do – which is why Drinique is a life saver. Starting with the knuckle opener, Drinique is revolutionizing bar ware – one product at a time and glassware was next. Rather than just throwing a logo on an existing glass, Drinique rebuilt it from the ground up. Available in two sizes, the custom drinkware is made with a special plastic that makes it almost unbreakable and feel like glass. Then there’s the “Drinique Shield.” Designed to screw into the top as a lid, or screw onto the bottom as a coaster, it turns the glass into an adult sippy cup. And you can get them laser etched. Drinking in public never looked so good.

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