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Shower Together with the Boona Tandem Shower

Shower Together with the Boona Tandem Shower

Put this in the category of gear we didn’t think we needed but now we’re kind of intrigued by. The Tandem Shower by Boona attempts to solve the apparent problem sharing a shower with a partner. Inevitably one of you is left in the cold, while the other hogs all the warm water. But, the Tandem Shower is a simple attachment to an existing showerhead that redirects some water to the other side. Is it a necessity? Absolutely not. Does it look fun? Hell yea.

Boona was founded by ex-Amazon engineers Brett Skaloud and Jeff Feiereisen who helped bring to life this quirky invention. Made from high-quality components, the Tandem Shower meets all US regulations and requirements for a safe, comfortable shower. Plus, the team has designed the Tandem Shower to provide equal water pressure on both showerheads and the full kit is adjustable for different heights and shower sizes.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a shower with a partner or just want the satisfaction of a solo shower with full coverage, the Boona Tandem Shower is perfect for you. Boona launched the campaign to fund the Tandem Shower on Kickstarter and they’ve already smashed their goal of $10,000. You can still back the campaign and receive a Tandem Shower set in chrome, black, or colorful Miami color options. The Tandem Shower is available for $249 with a delivery timeline of January 2023.

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