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The 9 Best Weed Grinders You Can Buy Right Now

The 9 Best Weed Grinders You Can Buy Right Now

Thanks to the rise in cannabis legalization, pot has been in the public conscious for years. Along with the growing popularity of marijuana, weed accessories have become essential modern gear. Aesthetically pleasing and artfully designed bongs, rolling trays, and pipes are part of the modern smoker’s arsenal. And the humble weed grinder is top of the list.

Sure, you could always attempt to crush it up with your fingers but if you want a quality smoke session you’ll want to invest in a solid weed grinder. We’ve rounded up the best of the best so keep scrolling to find our list of the best weed grinders you can buy right now.

What to Look for in a Weed Grinder

Not all weed grinders deliver the same performance. And while that $5 cheapo plastic grinder might look like it makes the cut, you’ll want to invest in something that will last. Here are the criteria to consider when buying a weed grinder.


Consider where you’ll store your weed grinder. If you’re just going to shove it in a drawer, you might not care about the quality of design. But, if it’ll live on your coffee table or desk, you might want to invest in something you’d be proud to display. There are plenty of weed grinders with a more simplistic, utilitarian approach to design. But there are others that offer some genuine style.

Aesthetics aside, you might also want to compare the construction of the grinder. Some weed grinders feature two chambers, while others offer three or four. Ultimately, this is a decision of personal preference. Each compartment in a multi-chamber weed grinder has different sized filters so you can perfectly customize the consistency of your weed.


While a plastic weed grinder will get the job done, weed grinders made of aluminum, or stainless steel will last longer and offer greater consistency. Avoid any weed grinders with added paint, you don’t want to smoke any residue with your precious keif.


We wouldn’t recommend breaking the bank on a weed grinder but for better performance and durability, it’s worth investing in something with a higher price tag. Consider how often you might use your grinder, if it’s a casual hobby than a $20-$30 grinder will do the job. If you’re a passionate pothead, don’t be afraid to splurge a little on weed grinders.

The Best Weed Grinders


Santa Cruz Shredder

The Santa Cruz Shredder is the godfather of weed grinders. This two-chamber option is an excellent entry point for newbies. Inexpensive yet high quality, the Santa Cruz Shredder features scratch-resistant anodized aluminum. Additionally, the “knurled” grip provides a clean grind every time.
Buy Now $35


Vessel Grinder

For understated smokeware, turn to the cannabis accessory brand Vessel. The understated aluminum grinder is expertly designed with four separate pieces as well as a magnetized lid. It’s stylish, distinctly modern, and extremely effective at grinding your weed.
Buy Now $24


Another Room Hamburger Grinder

The Hamburger grinder is as much a statement piece as a functional weed grinder. We’ve given Another Room a shoutout elsewhere for their colorful, delightful collection of weed accessories. And te hamburger grinder is among our favorite items from the brand. This three-tier grinder will have you craving some fast food after your next smoking session.
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Zam Grinders Modular Pocket Grinder

The modular pocket grinder from Zam Grinders is great for on-the-go smoking. You can customize your grinding experience by removing different sections. The magnetized lid will provide a tight seal while the ridged edges allow for better grip while grinding your weed. Plus, the aluminum build guarantees a long lifespan for this modular weed grinder.
Buy Now $50


Sackville & Co. Signature Grinder

The Signature Grinder from Sackville & Co. has become an extremely popular accessory for design-minded smokers. This stylish weed grinder is as much an art piece as it is functional. An mesh keif screen and keif bowl along with razor-sharp teeth provide excellent grinding. Plus the brushed gold is a luxurious touch to this quality weed grinder.
Buy Now $40


Kannastör GR8TR V2 Grinder

The Kannastor GR8TR V2 weed grinder is another modular option for the cannabis enthusiast who prefers some variety. Users can switch out both the storage chambers as well as the grinder plate for different size grind options. Because of this customization, it’s best for providing ultra-fine grinds if that’s what you’re looking for.
Buy Now $70


Banana Bros OTTO Electric Smart Grinder

If you’re looking for a splurge pick, go with the OTTO electric smart weed grinder. This beast does all the work for you. The electric weed grinder automatically adjusts its grind size depending on the grass. And it grinds right into a paper cone so you can easily roll a joint. Manual cleaning is required and you’ll want to charge It between uses but for a hands-free grinding experience, this is your best bet.
Buy Now $150


Nomatiq Ceramic 4-piece Grinder

While it’s a touch pricey, this ceramic 4-piece grinder from Nomatiq is handsome and impressively durable. Each piece snaps together magnetically for an even seal and the lid’s ridges provide a better grip. It’s simple and stylish but importantly gets the job done consistently. Available in white and green.
Buy Now $80


Tectonic9 Grinder with Auto Dispenser

A unique addition to the classic weed grinder, the Tectonic9 includes an auto dispenser so there’s no need to open the grinder and pour out the contents. Instead, press a button and position the grinder over your rolling paper. The anodized aluminum construction makes this weed grinder a durable, convenient cannabis accessory.
Buy Now $55