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7 Desks That Will Make Your Office Somewhere You Actually Want to Be

7 Desks That Will Make Your Office Somewhere You Actually Want to Be

Your desk is basically the centerpiece of the office, so having something that fits both your personality and need is a great way to make your office a place you actually want to work. It’ll make you more comfortable, inspire creativity, and keep you motivated better than if you just bought a bunch of crap you didn’t like. Why do you think the President has the Resolute Desk? You can’t enforce the law of the land with Ikea furniture. So before you go off buying the perfect chair and a collection of office accessories, get yourself one of these desks.

The Woolsey Agent Desk

The Woolsey Agent Desk, by Left Coast designer Sean Woolsey, is a perfect example of what happens when form and function collide. It’s made from American Black Walnut atop a powder-coated steel base and has a sleek and modern design, coupled with features that’d make James Bond take a desk job. Features like a built-in leather mouse pad that covers a secret compartment, perfect for storing a laptop, secret files, or a gun (although think real hard before you do that one). The Woolsey Agent desk is perfect for creatives who need a clean workspace. And for convenience, Woolsey also includes a magnetic power block with two sockets and four USB ports that can be attached anywhere on the frame. $3,850

Artifox Desk 02

When it comes to gorgeous design, the folks at Artifox know what they’re doing. The Desk 02 is another one of those desks we love to talk about, mainly because it’s a minimalist’s dream. It features a built-in dock for all your devices, a functional cable grid to keep things organized, multiple hooks for bags and coats, and a whole slew of separate accessories, including an under-table storage bin, small shelves for additional space, stands, trays, etc. Available in White Oak and Bone finishes, the Desk 02 is a perfect addition to any tasteful office situation. $900+

Covet Desk

It’s hard to deny the beauty and simplicity of the Covet Desk. Designed by Japanese-born Shin Azumi, the Covet Desk is a beautifully simple setup that features a solid walnut or oak frame, a practical and beautifully designed magazine/paper storage rack, and a heavy glass top. This desk makes our list not just because it’s sturdy and made from high quality materials, but because it’s as functional as it is beautiful. We dare say it’s perfect. $2,136

Nils Holger Moorman Kant

For people who write, research, or work with actual paper files, the Kant by Nils Holger Moorman is a desk and bookshelf, all wrapped up into a clever, low key, and very well built package. The Kant features a sharp ditch perfect for storing books, folders, and other documents in close proximity, without looking awkward or tacky. Its simple and sturdy build makes it ideal for a home office or work studio, and if you’re a man who understands that less means more, the Kant is perfect. $1,537

Monterrey Industrial Loft Iron Reclaimed Wood Adjustable Dining Table

Billed as a desk and a dining table (we don’t really get that distinction, because what is a dining table but a desk for food), this gorgeous industrial-styled getup features reclaimed Azobe wood and a beautiful cast iron base that’s not only sturdy (and heavy as fuck), but also 100-percent adjustable for increased ease of use. It’s old school without feeling dated, but decorative without looking gaudy. $2,988

Brooklyn Desk

The name is awful, and we totally get that. It’s one of the clearest cases of pandering we’ve ever seen. But this desk is absolutely gorgeous. Made from solid Acacia wood and featuring a grey powder-coated frame, this desk will spruce up any kind of creative workspace. Simple, but rugged, the Brooklyn Desk features two drawers for storage (We’d recommend bottles of whiskey, but the world is yours!), beautiful natural wood grain, and the perfect amount of industrialized elegance. This desk begs to be sat at. $1,109

Dawson Desk

The Dawson Desk is a massive sumbitch-of-a-desk that demands authority and attention. Constructed from solid poplar and secured using tongue-and-groove and dowels for increased sturdiness, this desk has all the fixins you need—drawers, storage, a big flat top—but in a package that’ll make you feel like you’re not sitting at a desk in an office. We don’t use “shabby chic” often, but there’s really no other way to describe this gem. $1,599

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