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You Can Invest in One of the Country’s Best Bars

You Can Invest in One of the Country’s Best Bars

If we’re being perfectly honest, there’s still a lot we don’t understand about the modern Stock Market. We get the basic idea behind it. You buy stock in a company, then that stock increases or decreases in value depending on the performance of the company along with other factors. But there are so many securities and futures and bonds and shorts and microtransactions and movies featuring a simultaneous very upset and very confused Steve Carell that all the investment advice we feel truly confident sharing is this. Find a company you like, give them an amount of money you can afford, and pray everything works out.

Now let’s get a little lighter, because we have a company we think many of you would be interested in. Death & Co specializes in, well, it’s probably better if we let them tell you (and interpret it afterwards): “Death & Co creates exceptional guest experiences, anchored by a passion for hospitality, cocktails, spirits, wine, beer, and food, in environments that are welcoming and driven by a deep knowledge of our product.” That’s a fancy, gussied up, marketing speak way to say the company has bars that serve cocktails, food, and beer that you’d probably like very much.

There are two existing properties and plans for a third. The New York property is Death & Company in the East Village. You’ve probably been there when either you or your cocktail-obsessed friends wanted to taste something made by a professional. In Denver, the company opened The Ramble Hotel, a huge expansion into food and accommodation. According to projections, both properties are going to continue with impressive, fairly steady growth.

As for the third location, Death & Co has a property picked out and leased in the Arts District of Los Angeles and plans to open something much closer to their New York location. And if we know anything about the kind of people who’d live in the Arts District of Los Angeles, they’re going to bankrupt themselves at this new place. So it’s not exactly a risky bet for success.

Now, in a sentence we’re fully aware sounds a lot like an uncle trying to get you to buy in on his rigged horse race, you can enjoy the success of your favorite cocktail bars from the opposite side. Death & Co is crowdfunding its latest round of investors with a $1000 minimum investment. If you’re financially inclined, we invite you to look through the info on the investment page to see if you can make better sense of it, but from what we can see, it looks like as sure a thing as we’ve ever seen.

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