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Web’s Best: Taco Recipes

Web’s Best: Taco Recipes


Tacos lend themselves to flexibility. You can go traditional with your ingredients or get all kinds of crazy. They’re also just as perfect with some fancy filling as they are after a handful of beers while you sprawl out on the couch. Here are our picks for the best taco recipes out there.


Tacos de Papa

If you haven’t been frying your corn tortillas, you don’t know what you’ve been missing out on. For this recipe, the fried-up shells are just the start of the deliciousness. They get filled with some flavored potatoes and are hefty enough to not even need any meat. (Recipe)


Fiesta Spaghetti Tacos

Don’t worry that this idea came from a TV show for young girls, tacos stuffed with spaghetti simply works. Feel free to skip the prepackaged ingredients the recipe calls for and craft some of your own, but really, you can’t go wrong either way. (Recipe)


Braised Oxtail and Kabocha Tacos

If Spaghetti Tacos are on one end of the fancy scale, these guys are on the opposite end. If ingredients like oxtail, fish sauce, and kabocha don’t scare you off, the results will be worth the work involved in these high-end tacos. (Recipe)


Carnitas Breakfast Tacos

Nothing like a coffee and a taco in the morning. These breakfast tacos are a filling way to start your day. They’re loaded with orange beer braised pork and some scrambled eggs. (Recipe)


Cheese Shell Tacos

The recipe calls for a chicken filling but, frankly, put whatever the hell you want in them, they’re shells made from CHEESE! Not only are they impressive and taste amazing, but they’re actually really easy to make. (Recipe)


Korean Tacos with Kogi Sauce

If you haven’t heard of the Kogi BBQ Taco Truck, it’s fairly epic. If you don’t live out in California and want to get a somewhat similar experience at home, here’s the perfect recipe. Of course, we wouldn’t blame you for planning a trip just to track down the truck itself. (Recipe)


Baja Shrimp & Chorizo Stacked Tacos

These are unlike any taco you’ve seen before. These “stacked” tacos will definitely make your guests think you dabble in molecular gastronomy or at least have some knowledge on modern food. Best part, they’re easy to make. (Recipe)


Ice Cream Tacos with Cinnamon Sugar Wonton Shells

Just like you can whip up some tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can whip some up for dessert as well. These Ice Cream Tacos are simple to make and damn tasty. (Recipe)


Chipotle Beef Tacos with Caramelized Onions

There’s little not to love about this recipe. A bit of skirt steak covered in sweet caramelized onions in a charred tortilla sounds mighty good to us. (Recipe)


Mushroom and Chile Tacos

Nine times out of 10 our tacos will include some sort of meat. It’s rare that we find a taco as satisfying without beef, pork, or something in a similar vein. When we do, like we did with these Mushroom and Chile Tacos, it can be even more satisfying. (Recipe)


Mac & Cheese Tacos

If you didn’t think there was anything better than Kraft Macaroni And Cheese, well, you’re actually probably right. Still, swapping out standard cheese for some mac & cheese on your next helping of tacos is a bit of brilliant. (Recipe)


Fry Bread Taco with Mexican Spicy Meatballs

This recipe has two awesome things in it. First of all, it’s got that fried-up shell we talked about in a previous recipe. It’s also got the added benefit of some seriously delicious meatballs that are a pretty neat substitution for your standard ground beef filling. (Recipe)


The Tacone

Soft shell tacos lend themselves to eating on the go. Hard shell tacos do not. The Tacone isn’t so much a new taco recipe, but rather a new taco holster. A taco holster that makes crunchy tacos more portable. (Recipe)

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