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Web’s Best: Recipes with Pot

Web’s Best: Recipes with Pot

Marijuana isn’t all that taboo anymore, and with that, more and more people are realizing there are a good amount of ways to get a quality high without actually smoking the stuff. Cooking with cannabis isn’t anything new, but there are plenty of options other than brownies and cookies if you’re willing to get a little creative.

Cannabis Hot Wings

Wings are so popular that they have entire days devoted to their mass consumption. Traditionally they’re paired with beer, blue cheese, ranch and celery, but there’s no reason you can’t throw some cannabis into the mix and get high off your hot wings. Recipe.

“Besto Pesto” Cannabis Pizza

Pesto might not be your go to when it comes to the sauce on your slice, but it’s a better option for cooking with cannabis because of the olive oil base. Throw some tomatoes, mozzarella, red peppers and goat cheese on top of your pestoed dough and brown it in the oven. Recipe.

Chocolate Cannabis Cake

There’s a level of indulgence associated with dessert, and then there’s this chocolate cannabis cake. Dark chocolate cake mix. Chocolate instant pudding. Rich and creamy chocolate frosting. Chocolate chips. If the THC oil wasn’t already going to get you the proper level of comatose, the quadruple chocolate would. Recipe.

Jalapeño Poppers

There’s no such thing as a bad jalapeño popper. You can order the cheese variety at just about any drinking establishment, but these “special” poppers from the High Times kitchen use peanut butter instead. The texture difference is still there, but the peanut butter cools the heat of the pepper while still getting you high. Recipe.

Huevos Tostadas

Something about Mexican inspired breakfast food is always appealing. Even if it’s not breakfast time and you’re sober, tostadas, cheese, eggs and vegetables will be delicious—with or without the canna-olive oil. Bonus points because this option is also gluten free. Recipe.


The idea of taking time to make butter when you can just grab a stick out of the fridge might seem crazy, but budder / cannabutter / weed butter is the skeleton key of cooking with marijuana. Once you have some, you can substitute it for normal butter for just about anything from Little Debbie knock-offs to popcorn topping. Pinterest recipes are a whole lot more interesting when you have weed butter at your disposal. Recipe.

Medicated Mac And Cheese

The only downside to medicating the ultimate comfort food that we can think of is that you’re not going to want to eat normal mac and cheese once the munchies hit. You should probably just make a double batch. Recipe.

Cheetos Fried Chicken

Anything that Eddie Huang does, from Four Loko parties to his Vice TV show, is next level. His recipe for fried chicken is no different. You can’t go wrong with Cheeto fried chicken—especially when it involves marijuana. Even the picture is ridiculous. Recipe.

Barbecue Sauce

You can grill just about anything, and most of those things can be upgraded with the addition of sweet and tangy Bar-B-Cannabis sauce. Ribs. Chicken. Veggies. Tofu. The sauce will keep for up to a week in the fridge, which is good because you’ll get high off 3-4 spoons of it. Recipe.

Jamaican Me Crazy

Combining THC and alcohol is either the greatest or worst idea ever. There’s no countdown to space exploration when THC gets mixed with alcohol, so get ready to enjoy the ride as soon as you start sipping this sweet island beverage. Recipe.

Mini Pecan Pot Tarts

If we’re being completely honest, we don’t even really like pecans, but that wouldn’t stop us from eating the shit out of more than half of the batch if someone made these delicious little morsels for us. They’re like the 100 Calorie Pack version of a dessert edible… assuming you don’t eat all 24 in one sitting. Recipe.

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