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Web’s Best: Recipes With Beer

Web’s Best: Recipes With Beer

We’re interested in consuming beer in any way possible. Just drinking it is rookie level, we like to have a pint while chowing down on some food laced with it. Of course, not every dish  works so well with a bit of lager in the recipe (tuna fish comes to mind), so here are the absolute best recipes with beer to whip up.

New Belgium Transatlantique Kriek Caramel Rolls

You know that infectious smell anytime you walk by a Cinnabon? Now imagine that coupled with the aroma of a good lambic. If you can’t hunt down any Transatlantique Kriek, we’re sure you could sub in some other fruit-flavored beer offering. (Recipe)

Hoppy Hush Puppies

Hoppy is basically our favorite descriptive term outside of “scantily clad.” That fact coupled with our love of hush puppies, makes this just about our favorite recipe of all time.  (Recipe)

Beer Pretzel Bread Bowls

You know what’s delicious? Carbs. So get your fill with one of these Beer Pretzel Bread Bowls while you down a few cold ones. Just break out some Blue Moon or one of your favorite wheat beers and you’re good to get cooking. (Recipe)

Beer-Battered Cajun Fries

We read recently that french fries are about the least healthy thing you can eat. We also read a study, however, that revealed they’re ridiculously delicious and that first survey is stupid. These fries get the benefit of a lager coating and some cajun spices. (Recipe)

Braised Brisket with Bourbon-Peach Glaze

Beer and bourbon? What is this Uncle Frank’s famous breakfast cocktail? This brisket is the ultimate sweet and savory dish with the peach adding a light sweetness to the heaviness of the meat.  We’ll take 10 servings. (Recipe)

Grilled Bratwurst with Beer, Mustard and Sauerkraut

Leave it to the Germans to nail a beer-related dish. This ultra simple recipe will have you dreaming of a Biergarten in Munich while you wash it down with a Hefe. (Recipe)

Beer Can Chicken

If the last recipe was the least American one on this list, this is the one on the other end. Grab a Bud from the fridge, jam it you know where and get ready to impart some boozy tenderness to your normally boring chicken night. (Recipe)

Stout & Sriracha Beer BBQ Sauce

Sure this is only really part of a recipe, the ribs or meat you’re going to slather it on are up to you, but this sauce is damn tasty. You got a bit of heat from your rooster sauce and you’ll get a bit of chocolate or coffee depending on the stout you choose. We’re not above putting some in a tall glass and relaxing on the couch with it. (Recipe)

Kabocha Squash Beignets

These might be light on beer, but they’re big on taste. Like crazy big on taste. Plus, even though they’re deep-fried, they’re made of squash, so they gotta be healthy. (Recipe)

Founders Beer Cheese Dip

Founders is one of our favorite breweries around. Hell, we spent last week searching out all the Breakfast Stout we could get our hands on. This dip uses some of their tasty Centennial IPA and will easily be eaten before the first quarter of the game is over. (Recipe)

Pasta with Spicy Tomato-Beer Sauce

The standard alcohol of choice when consuming pasta is normally some vino, but this recipe oddly (and successfully) works in a bit of bock beer to the sauce. It will be one of the most interesting and flavorful pasta dishes you’ll ever have. (Recipe)

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Soup

There’s a crap-ton of ingredients outside of the beer in this one so it’s not the most noticeable taste, but did you see the name of the recipe? Just make it already! (Recipe)