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‘War Machine’ Puts Brad Pitt in Afghanistan

‘War Machine’ Puts Brad Pitt in Afghanistan

We’re probably only just starting to delve into what US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan means for pop culture, but if War Machine is any indication, we’re in for some great, weird movies. Brad Pitt is in top form, as he usually is when he gets to put on an unusual accent and his character can’t be summed up as “handsome lead guy,” and you can absolutely expect some doublespeak from the higher-ups when it comes to the war in Afghanistan. The trailer strikes a good balance between gallows humor and actual nuance, so while we can’t say for sure right now, War Machine might end up being one of the better depictions of post-9/11 warfare. Plus, Darius from Atlanta is in it, and we definitely want to see that guy get more roles.

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