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Prince’s The Black Album Sealed Vinyl Up for Auction


Step into the mysterious world of musical intrigue with Prince’s legendary “The Black Album,” aptly dubbed The Funk Bible. Originally slated for release on December 8, 1987, this iconic masterpiece was pulled from the shelves just a week prior, as the late artist deemed its content “evil.” The ensuing aftermath saw Warner Bros. attempting to erase all traces of the 500,000 pressed copies, making surviving examples like this one a true rarity in the annals of music history.

This pristine gem, discovered in the collection of former Warner Bros. Records executive Richard Wietsma, is a factory-sealed relic still encased in its original shrinkwrap. Featuring the elusive Parental Advisory sticker that predates the now-iconic warning label, this surviving specimen is a testament to Prince’s enigmatic decisions. With mint condition and only a handful known to exist, this piece of musical history is up for grabs on February 14 through RR Auction, offering enthusiasts a chance to own a tangible piece of Prince’s rebellious legacy.