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‘Dodgeball’ is Back at It for a Good Cause

‘Dodgeball’ is Back at It for a Good Cause

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There are plenty of movies that people claim are quotable, but we haven’t seen one that compares with Dodgeball for sheer quote density. Every line is some kind of pithy comeback or non sequitur and we love every minute of it. If you’re the same way as us, you may want to enter this contest. Your donation on Omaze’s page enters you to win a spot in the Average Joes/Globo Gym rematch, a grudge match that’s been brewing for longer than most. If you win, you pick which team you join for the rematch, get a team picture to commemorate your victory/defeat, and grab pizza with Ben Stiller (assuming he doesn’t stay in character) after the game. There are all kinds of guaranteed rewards for donations too, so even if you don’t win, you’ll be walking away with some seriously cool Dodgeball souvenirs.

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